A Limited Edition Fine Art series exploring Mixed Martial Arts.
Excerpts from the Exhibition Proposal.

Fight’ takes you ringside and examines the headspace and intrapersonal mindset of MMA athletes in battle. The use of a long lens right next to the fighters creates a tight, in-your-face style of portraiture. Many of the images portray the fighters in their own space, both physical and mental. By photographically isolating a fighter in the image, removing context through exposure and lighting, the images speak to the physical space to be contended with in the ring – the open air before a jab, an empty mat before a takedown.

Photographic isolation also belies the mental space the fighters occupy during a match. The dark background on many of the solo images is a blank space open to interpret the way a fighter processes split-second timing and instinct. This gives further weight to the idea of physical and mental separation both inside a fighter’s mind and in relation to their surroundings – under bright light, alone against an opponent, inside their head.

The work has captured international interest. Artist Taner Ceylan sold a hyper realist painting based on ‘Too Much Punch‘ in 2009 at Sotheby’s London for $130,000 CAN. The piece was featured on the catalogue cover for the first major Turkish contemporary art auction held outside Turkey.

This series is comprised of up to 24 Endura Archival colour prints in three sizes: 13 x 19″, 20 x 30” and key pieces at 36.5 x 55” for added impact.

* Editions from the first release of original photographs have been sold to art collectors in Greece and the United Arab Emirates. This release is available now. Details:

Too Much Punch
Limited Edition of 7 at 36.5 x 55″ (5 remain)
Limited Edition of 10 at 20 x 30″ (9 remain)

Too Much Punch // First Print Release *
Wiuff // Unreleased
Intensity // Unreleased
The Squeeze // Unreleased
Long Is The Way // Unreleased
Face To Face // Unreleased
Tight Tangle // Unreleased
Licked // Unreleased
The Victor // Unreleased
Rise Above // Unreleased
Brothers in Arms // Unreleased
The Agony // Unreleased
Eyes on It // Unreleased
Light Bruising // Unreleased
The Dance // Unreleased
Unknown Attacker // Unreleased
Gloves // Unreleased